Importance Of Tax Agents In The Society

Tax is a very sensitive aspect in any country or economy. This is due to its importance to the society or the government. For an organization to deliver services to the public, it needs revenue. This revenue comes in the form of sacrifice by the citizens of that economy since tax is a sacrifice. The revenue is then allocated to various sectors of the economy in the most rational manner to ensure that it achieves development agenda as well enable the attainment of the recurrent expenditure. It therefore means that the government will make all the concerted efforts to ensure that it achieves the highest level of tax collection. In many countries, the respective governments set targets in order to motivate the collecting authorities to up their games and collect nothing but the highest amount.

This revenue will thereafter ensure the existence of a government and its departments and further ensure that their presence is felt on the ground by all the citizens. To achieve the high levels of tax collection, many heads of state and government, both past and current, engage the tax accountants in Gold Coast services to collect taxes for onward submission to the revenue authorities. They are strategically located in various parts of the country to warrant ease of payment of tax dues by the citizens. Many citizens may have the will to honor their tax obligations, but they may not be in a position to travel far and wide to make the payment. This will compound their expenses. It is therefore important for the government to bring the service closest to the people. This is the canon of convenience.

To ensure that every business and individual pays the correct amount of tax, chartered accountants are hired to ensure that they provide mentorship and advice to such people and businesses on how and when to pay their tax liabilities. They assist in tax computation and filling in of the tax returns for different people and forms of businesses. To achieve this, they will have to walk far and wide to widen their coverage and broaden the tax base. Many citizens and people may be in a position to pay taxes, but due to scarcity of accounting services, they end up ignoring.

Therefore the authorities should ensure provision of such accounting services such as bookkeeper in Gold Coast to enable many more citizens and businesses to be brought to the tax bracket. This will increase the government revenue and enable such governments provide more services to the public in terms of roads, water and other social amenities that private citizens cannot be in a position to offer no matter how wealthy they may be. Accounting services forms very important part of tax and in the recent times many economies in and around the world have committed considerable resources to train manpower in this area since they understand its implication in so far as tax matters are concerned. Their deficit only serves to mean little or no taxes at all. No government would like such an eventuality.

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